What if you could GIVE something to the businesses rather than always Asking Them for something?
They have enough organizations coming at them asking for money, what if you were different? What if instead you showed them a way to increase their bottom line with products that they actually WANT?
We are bringing our national BuyLocal™ campaign to the area and it Will Help the Local Businesses.

Buy & Stay LOYAL
Buy at LOW Prices
Buy US Based
Find the Best Deals that are Close, NOW.

What if you could GIVE them FREE Customers?
It's time to band together and support our local business, shop more conveniently AND Save Money at the same time.

Lets all Buy Local. As more businesses use this FREE SYSTEM, the shopping experience will get better and better.

Watch This

PocketBillboard™ will keep your folks In the Loop.

When businesses see you using it, they will want to know how they can get one for their business.

What is it?

Your PocketBillboard™ will keep all your folks plugged in, all the time, just by them pointing their camera phone and clicking when they are near your facility.
What makes this unique is they don't need a good internet connection, it can work instantly off their Cellular Connection even when there is No Internet Available.
The system is already on their phone, no downloads or apps are needed. 
They can also save your link to their home screen and get your messages in Real Time no matter where they are. It runs with A.I. Technology and is the Evolution of the older QR Codes.

Check it out.


You do nothing, any sharp business will see the value and want to know more. The Smart Phone was changing the world anyway, COVID just accelerated the timeline. "Touchless" is now the buzzword. To get an idea of our systems power, Watch This.

Contact us for your Free Listings.

So What all will your business see?
We will GIVE them a Free Listing in our BuyLocal™ campaign, which links through our State(SAVE) systems.
One way many businesses end up using our system is with ScanOfTheDay™.
Then there are some businesses that are REALLY in trouble. You can help. See SaveMyBusiness.net. This part is free as we have some Excellent Supporters and a Grant.

Any sharp business owner will see the potential of this technology in their business. Even C/NET calls it "The Next Big Thing."
When they experience your PocketBillboard™ they will naturally become curious. If you are contacted you just send them to your customized website and we take over.
We keep track of the businesses and because they came to us through you, we give you 25% of everything they spend with us for as long as they are with us, month after month.
Here is an Example.

It would be a good idea to let folks know abut your PocketBillboard™ so they can get your notifications and announcements. We have some literature, complete with your unique Qnow™ Codes, and we'll also have a special website for you and when they download, they will also see why this will work for them.
You don't need to push the program in any way. Just let folks know about it and the rest will take care of itself. We are able to do this because of our Excellent Supporters.

Contact me, Dr. Rick Mayer directly. I will then get back to you with all the details.
FYI: Here is a program we are already doing through several Chambers of Commerce